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Meraux Client Has Window Perf Applied to Rear Window of Pickup Truck

This client from Meraux had a rear window perf installed on her truck a long time ago. Since then, it has faded away and lost it’s picture. She loves wolves and wanted to express that again on her truck with a new rear window perf.  We installed this beautiful wolf window perf for her. If you are unfamiliar with what a window perf is, it is a sheet of printed vinyl that is perforated with many small holes so that from outside of the vehicle you can see the image and when you are inside the vehicle you can see out.
Window perts are very popular but they need to be applied properly or they will not look good.  To explore your options for a quality window perf on your vehicle, please call, Contact Us, or stop in and let us show you what Southern Tint has to offer!

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