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New truck gets new 6″ Westin step bars

One of our Violet, La clients is getting a little older. His words not mine. And it’s harder for him to get into his new truck than it would have been a few years ago.
This a client that was referred to us. This is where a lot of our business comes from. We do our best to take care of people and they tell their friends.
This brand new 2017 Ram is an amazing truck. It has a really nice interior.
However, it is raised off the ground a good bit.
We installed to Westin 6″ step bars on this beauty. This bars fit great and are super study on the truck. The wide step makes it really easy to step on since it covers more of your foot.
Since Westin makes these step bars specifically for this truck we know they are going to fit right. The brackets come with the steps are really heavy duty. After the installation I bounced on the bars a little and the whole suspension on the truck moved. They aren’t going anywhere.


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