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Retrax bed cover installed

New Bed Cover for Chalmette Client

One of our clients just bought a brand new 2017 Ram 2500 truck. This truck is really nice.
The truck has a fifth wheel hitch in the bed. He wanted a bed cover that would keep his stuff safe when closed but would also open out of the way for the fifth wheel trailer to hook up.
We decided to go with the Retrax Pro MX which is a matte black all aluminum bed cover.
It sits flush inside of the bed rails. The Retrax cover is very sturdy. You can tell that it is built well. We have installed dozens of these covers. Our clients have always been happy with how they perform.
We carry various bed covers that will fit your different needs. Our bed covers start at $450. The Retrax brand bed covers start at $1,300.
Stop by the shop today to see the demo bed covers we have on display.

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