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We Love Variety! This Was Clearly The Case When We Tinted a CRANE!

We love variety!  And it doesn’t get a whole lot more varied than the window tint installation that we recently completed in a crane.  That’s right….. A CRANE!  This crane operator doesn’t like the summer heat.  Naturally, cranes sit in direct sunlight nearly all day long.  Because the operator needs to be able to see in any direction, cranes have a LOT of glass.  Even with an A/C unit that constantly runs it’s really hard to keep this thing cool.
We  consulted with the operator and came up with a plan to beat the heat!  After we completed the window tint installation, the  operator reported back that his days in the hot Louisiana sun were now much more bearable!  A big win for our crane operator friend and for Southern Tint!
If you have a window tint project that might be “out of the box,” don’t hesitate to give us a call or Contact Us.  Better yet, we would love for you to drop by so we can meet you and discuss your project.

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