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Ceramic Window Tint Keeps This New Lexus IS350 Cool!

This Chalmette client wanted to keep the heat off the leather interior in their new, 2014 Lexus IS350. For this Lexus window tint project we selected a ceramic film.  Aside from protecting the interior of the vehicle from sun damage, ceramic window tint also has tremendous heat rejection properties.  Simply put, it takes this Lexus to the next level.  Not only does it look awesome, but is allows the vehicle to cool down 3 times faster than with no tint at all.
At Southern Tint, we are the New Orleans authority on ceramic window tint.  We understand the proper way to install them so that you end up with a result that is functional and that you can be proud of.  To learn more, we invite you to stop in, give us a call, or Contact Us today.

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