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“Boat Tint” Solves Heat Issues for Slidell Client

Boat tint?  Of course we offer that too!  Recently, we had a client from Slidell come to us with a problem: He needed some heat rejection in the lounge of his boat for when he is taking a break from deep-sea fishing.  When out on the water, his cabin would get unbearably hot. The window tint experts at Southern Tint and Audio to the rescue!
We installed window tint specifically used to block out the sun’s heat.  Not only will this hard-core fisherman can stay cool when taking a break, but the boat’s interior will be protected from the sun’s damaging rays.  We love off-site projects and this one was especially fun for us.
If you want some relief from the hot sun while out on the water, consider having the pros at Southern Tint and Audio install some “Boat Tint.”  To learn more, please stop in, give us a call, or Contact Us today!

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