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Big truck gets tint

Big truck with tintThis client purchased a really nice 2015 GMC Denali with an awesome lift and wheels on it. It takes a trampoline and a set of stilts to get into this thing.

Privacy was key

He wanted to have window tint installed to protect his interior from the sun and also provide privacy while he is driving. To provide extra privacy we tinted the whole back of the truck with 5% window tint.

Heat was another concern

The summer time in New Orleans is long and very hot. This is way keeping heat out of the truck was another concern for our client.
We installed Huper Optik Performa window tint on his truck to provide the heat rejection he was looking for.

We have the tint you need

Window tint displayWe carry Huper Optik Autobahn at Southern Tint.
We have four different films for you to choose from so that you get the heat rejection you need.
This is a photo of our heat demonstration to show you the performance of each window film.
Come by the store and check it out.

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